services we offer

We find that markets change quickly, and materials need to be moved fast. We will work closely with you, to help you find ways of recycling your materials as efficiently as possible. We take full responsibility of your waste materials once they have been collected from you. Based in London we are a leading Scrap Yard specialising in the buying of all scrap metal.

Our experts can develop a bespoke scrap metal removal plan to meet your commercial or demolition site requirements efficiently & cost-effectively.

Nearly all scrap metal is recyclable. All enquiries from demolition sites to large commercial organisations, for small or large amounts of recyclable metals, are very welcome. We are very competitive buyers of all grades of scrap metal especially for larger amounts of ferrous metals (iron & steel) and for most forms of non ferrous metals (e.g. copper, brass, aluminium, etc.).

Bring your metal materials to us. We use the latest technology to accurately weigh your scrap metal and strive to offer you top prices at one of our drop-off sites

‍As the scrap metal industry relies heavily on accurate weighing to determine material pricing – with many bulk metals bought and sold by the pound – customers who sell scrap metal rely on their buyers to deliver a fair price for all materials purchased.