Payment Information

We make payments by the following methods:

Cheque Payment - Cheque payment, there is no charge for this. 

Bank Transfer - We also offer payment via Bank Transfer, we offer this as a same day payment that will clear into your account within 2 Hours of processing. Please note large transaction will take longer.

ID will be required, before payments can be processed.

Acceptable ID Documents

1. Driving Licence

2. Passport

3. Utility Bill

Please note, the ID must be photo and Address, e.g. if you bring your Passport you will need to bring a proof of address.
Acceptable proofs of address:

  • Bank or building society statement
  • Credit or debit card statement
  • Mortgage statement
  • Council tax demand letter or statement
  • Council rent book/Benefit book
  • Council/Housing Association agreement
  • HMRC correspondence
  • TV licence
  • UK Firearm/Shotgun licence
  • Utility bill (not a mobile phone bill)
  • Water bill

Bread PrePaid Card - This card runs independently of your bank account. 

If you have a UK address you should be eligible to get a card subject to photo ID check, passport, driving license, mobile phone number and email address. There will be a cash withdrawal charge of £1.50 per transaction. For more information on Bread PrePaid Cards, website for bread cards